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Speculation Picks ~ AYRO ~ Mock Portfolio Add

     The next company we are going to add to the mock portfolio is AYRO which is selling at $2.69 a share as we speak today 6/17/2020  it has taken a hard hit as of late and a extreme drop in June.  I speculate as a result of the Corona Virus because they make electric vehicles for college campuses and golf courses. The real pricing of this stock although it has been as high as over eight dollars a share is around the five dollar range. So that is why we are going to add it to our mock portfolio as a direct speculation that the stock will move from $2.69 to $5.00 if it does; we are going to sell it back out of the portfolio. This is probably one of the riskiest stocks we have ever chosen because there is no real news on the stock.       I found the stock because NIO a Chinese electric car company has been in the top movers lately for getting an additional round of funding and ever since NIO first came out it has been a stock I watched.  I have even traded options on this stock (NIO)