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Futures What are They ~ Does it Tell Your's?

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Jean Michelle Nostradom has nothing on the Dow Jones Industrial Average when it comes to predicting the future. The Dow Jones Industrial Average of (DJIA) will win every time. Let's look at today as of this current writing it is 4:36am P.S.T. 2/12/2020  the Dow Future is up by +132.00 points (or $132 dollars). This figure will continue to change as more information comes in throughout the morning until the market actually opens. Not significant right? Wrong!

William I didn't answer yet!

Rhetorical Sandra from Boise, Rhetorical.

A few weeks back all of the news articles were stating that if Bernie Sanders wins the nomination it would be bad for business. It will wreck all havoc on the world markets. Well Senator Sanders won the New Hampshire primary after a great showing in Iowa so the market seems not to care or does it?

Does it what?

Care about Bernie Sanders win.

You lost me.

If the stock market believes that Bernie Sanders will actually lose the election and things will remain the same under Donald Trump then they have no cause for alarm so the future are up by 132 points not down by 300-500 on his win and Joe Bidens poor performance. This should only be a concern to the Democrats. The market is also saying something else. It no longer cares about the Corona Virus. The market had a wild day a few weeks back closing down over 400 points on Corona Virus scares. With the death toll rising and the inability to contain it in other foreign countries the market should still be expressing concerns and this writer believes there will be a few more rocky volatile rides ahead in March or April.

So the Dow is at +132 this still has no bearing on what the market will be at the opening, it's what makes trying to predict it so mush fun. Maybe we could use Nostradamus to help.  The market can also swing quite wildly throughout the day and then in turn effect the futures of foreign markets. When the foreign markets have wild swings that usually has an effect on bringing down the expectations for the Dow.

Sometimes it is really hard to understand how it all works and how the world markets keep spinning around but after years of trade it is for the most part, and I qualify that with a for the most part. A system of checks and balances that does not allow the global economy to fall into utter and shear chaos for that see Nostradamus.

William Staab
Winner of Wall Street Journal Dartboard Contest March 2009

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