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Homeless But Not Exactly Living On The Street

     So you can be homeless but actually have a roof over your head like I am in a new Sober Living that has accepted me for a 6 month stay after my 6 months of Recovery Bridge Housing expired. Thankfully there are additional programs to keep me off the street.      This place is located down on 119th Street & Main in Los Angeles near Watts in the Athens district of Los Angeles. I have been here one day and already someone has had their car broken into; to say it's unsafe is an understatement. The owner of the Sober Living runs four houses that house about 30 men per house. This place is a bridge for people with pending court cases a way to "Do Their Time" without actually being locked up. People who have really shown that they want a second chance and are working the NA program of addiction.      I like these men. My own personal story which contains PTSD is having a period of adjustment here but for the most part in a few days that will subside and I will be fin

Futures What are They ~ Does it Tell Your's?

Jean Michelle Nostradom has nothing on the Dow Jones Industrial Average when it comes to predicting the future. The Dow Jones Industrial Average of (DJIA) will win every time. Let's look at today as of this current writing it is 4:36am P.S.T. 2/12/2020  the Dow Future is up by +132.00 points (or $132 dollars). This figure will continue to change as more information comes in throughout the morning until the market actually opens. Not significant right? Wrong! William I didn't answer yet! Rhetorical Sandra from Boise, Rhetorical. A few weeks back all of the news articles were stating that if Bernie Sanders wins the nomination it would be bad for business. It will wreck all havoc on the world markets. Well Senator Sanders won the New Hampshire primary after a great showing in Iowa so the market seems not to care or does it? Does it what? Care about Bernie Sanders win. You lost me. If the stock market believes that Bernie Sanders will actually lose the election a