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Hindsight is 20/20 so Hey Great Behind?

     This is a year to look behind us.  Buns intended; oops I mean pun, pun intended..  Our portfolio is performing tremendously as a matter of fact I am just waiting for the year to close and we are all going to gloat over how much money we made verses taking advice from the average investment counselor.      I created this blog to teach the basics of Wall Street, the fact that the investments I chose to look at also made a profit is just a bonus.  But you can learn to find these investments on your own without spending a lot of time if you are not interested in Wall Street.  Remember this is also about your 401K at your workplace if that is the only Wall Street investing you ever do that's ok too!      Let's look back on this year.  I became homeless, yes you heard me right homeless, living on the streets of Los Angeles.  Best thing that ever happened to me in my life!  You are going to say I'm crazy.... WILLIAM YOU ARE CRAZY! HOMELESS AND YOU EXPECT ALL OF US 30,