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Google in talks to buy FitBit ~ Merger / Acquisition great time to buy or stay away?

Google announced that it is in talks to buy Fitbit.  This sent the shares of Fitbit soaring from an open of $4.29 up to $5.74 a 34% rise midday today 10/28/2019. This is known as an acquisition or takeover.  If it is between two companies and the merger is agreed too by all parties such as Exxon & Mobile or AT&T & T-Mobile then it is amicable.  If however the company being purchased (in this case Fitbit) does not want to be purchased then it is a hostile takeover.  What Google would need too do is to buy up the outstanding shares in the market and try to obtain 51% of the voting shares of Fitbit in order to acquire Fitbit. If you owned the stock prior to today's announcement, I would sell and reap in the profits even though at the current time we do not know what the offer will be by Google for Fitbit.  There could still be a large potential upside in the stock it could rise to $10 or $12 dollars a share who knows until the actual deal is negotiated. This is a t

Homeless in Los Angeles ~ Response to Trump's Federal Cut of SNAP Food Benefit Program So people this is me.   FLAT OUT! Not literally in the picture but this is an Angelino that is Homeless in North Hollywood, CA. I am speaking about the article by Mike Dorning of Bloomberg he wrote on July 23rd, 2019 about Trumps cuts to SNAP benefits that would affect 3 million people; see the full article at: So again let me repeat.....THIS IS ME, if Republicans think I am living the life of Reilly on $189 food benefit and $220 cash benefit explain how? Food $189 (even if): Macaroni & Cheese 1 box $1.00  = $31.00 Hot Dogs 4 packages $4.00  = $4.00 Can a 53 year old man live on a diet of mac & cheese with hot dogs no. fresh fruit, bread, even basic orange tag day old items I go through $189 a month and I am starving.  Bright side I lost 35 pounds in one month. Cash be

EVOA- Lution!!! Time to add a Transportation Stock

So diversification of a portfolio is a very important aspect of investing. As you can see if you read previous articles, we have slowly added stocks to our portfolio to diversify.  We haven't really removed to many names due to the fact the ones I have chosen have performed so well; but it is time to remove IQ trading at $15.69 as of the close of the market today 10/8/2019 so since we own 2 shares we cash out at $31.38 a loss.  But we are going to buy 2 shares of (EVOA) EVO Transportation & Energy Services for $2.70 (we purchase 2 shares to keep in line with the model mock portfolio of each having 2 shares). With that our mock portfolio has evolved! Here is the reason I like EVO they are trying to acquire distribution routes and go after the USPS shipping business on a national scale they have recently acquired Ritter Companies giving them a presence in the North Eastern United States and previously acquired Thunder Ridge Transport which gives them a strong hold in 9 Mi