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Homeless in Los Angeles ~ Personal Account

I moved back to Los Angeles California after learning I was being foreclosed by my Home Owners Association (HOA) &/or Mortgage Company. Not really too sure at the moment who it was since they illegally locked me out of my home by changing the locks.  No foreclosure notice, no court case, no official papers. They just took it.  I contacted the Albuquerque Police Department and they did nothing.  These people broke into my home by removing the lock but the Police stated this was a civil case.

I suffer from a very complex P.T.S.D. do to trauma and past experiences in my life. Including being smashed over the head with a parking meter pipe in 1988 "gay bashed" as I left the now infamous "219" club on south second street in Milwaukee.  I as many in my generation did; lived through the AIDS crisis and many (I mean 100's) of my friends died.  My lover Kym and my new boyfriend 5 months after him Steven.  I lost my home and all my belongings in the 1992 Los Angeles Riots when my apartment burned at Santa Monica and Western while I was at work at the Sunset Marquis hotel.  While I learned of the fire I only knew after coming home everything was gone.  I recovered briefly until 1994 when I was living in Panorama City one mile from the epicenter of the Northridge Earthquake.  There are many more events to follow as I began my life as an addict addicted to Crystal Methamphetamine; like watching a guy get gunned down in the street, etc.

I say this not as a poor me story but to bring to light my battles with alcohol and drug addiction and why on the verge of my 53rd Birthday am homeless in Los Angeles. I am telling my story because I am not unique if you think you are safe from drug addiction then chances are you do not suffer from the disease of addiction like I do.  If you do suffer than I can only hope your story is not filled with as much tragedy as mine. I also have had some incredibly momentous good times in life as well, so my highs are just as incredible, like winning the Wall Street Journal Dartboard Contest (see previous articles for more information) as any low point but I am writing a article about the homeless problem in Los Angeles not walking the red carpet for Elizabeth Taylor's Birthday Party.

Just to relieve your fears I have completed a 90 drug and alcohol program at "Cri- Help" in North Hollywood, CA located at 11027 Burbank Blvd 91609 in case any one wants to send a check. I then moved to a sober living facility through an organization called LaCada that also runs the Allen House treatment center.  The address for LaCada is 1646 Fair Oaks Blvd Pasadena, CA 91001.  If you do send a check be sure to make them aware you heard about it from William's Wall Street.

Sorry Mr. Trump but I am grateful that a place like Los Angeles, the state of California, and Democratic policies they have put into place which allow people like myself to get off the streets and get the treatment they need through state funded Medical. I chose to get sober in Los Angeles which I consider my home after living here for so many years.  The state of California has provided me also with general relief both in the form of EBT (or food stamps) and a small cash benefit to buy things like laundry soap or have quarters for laundry.  Medi-Cal has also paid for my treatment facility and sober living for 3 month so I can get back on my feet.  Mr. Trump and other Republicans not everyone uses these benefits to buy drugs.  Simply put Republicans have not put forth legislation that would actually help the homeless situation but instead wants to jail us for being poor and suffering from a disease.  Let me ask a question, if someone is dying of Cancer do they deserve to be homeless on the street with no treatment?  Then does a drug addict suffering from their disease also need treatment?

I began my journey of recovery on April 17, 2019 and as of today I am sober and ready to rebuild my life. I am grateful I was able to keep William's Wall Street up and running.  I am also grateful that our mock portfolio teaching you all how to invest is returning 111% over the last nine months.  Here that Hedge Fund Managers you should be hiring me with a six figure income for that kind of skill!  (Hint, Hint). Anyways I am grateful I can continue to teach you the workings of Wall Street and hopefully put away a few dollars to invest myself in the future.  I do not regret my journey, God has been very gracious to me and I am here to fulfill his plan whatever that may be.

So let me state there will be future articles based upon people I have met, experiences that have personally happened to me and how I was able to rebuild my life along with providing knowledge of the inner workings of the economy as we diversify the mock portfolio further.

In closing let me say it has been a shear pleasure writing this Blog and sharing with you my knowledge of Wall Street I never in my wildest dreams thought I would have this many readers and I treasure you all beyond mention!

Thank You
William Staab

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