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The Earth is Not Flat or is it?

One of the most astonishing things in today's modern world is that anyone will believe anything.  Of course the Earth is not flat. OK, WILLIAM PROVE IT! No, that is a proven fact by many Scientists, in fact over 200 years ago by Gaspard C. Coriolis,  While I may get comments that want to dispute this claim I do not spend my time arguing with Morons so therefore if you want to comment go ahead, but just realize that myself and many of the other 50,000 people who read my articles are going to understand exactly how stupid you are. This brings me to the purpose of my article; less than an article it is really more of a rant. In the world of the internet we should not have to provide information or sources when we are stating proven facts. Just because you happen to respond to a Tweet, Facebook post, Instagram comment or other form of social media we should not have to provide references to the 3,600 pieces of evidence and source materials that prove the Earth is round  (want m

Going Green on St. Patricks Day ~ 4:20pm to be exact meet us!

So legend has it that the reason 420 is associated with Marijuana is that a group of boys in Orange County, California would meet up everyday after school at 420 to smoke. Cannabis is a growing industry in Canada and with States changing daily like New Mexico any day now the future of the industry is bright and those companies that have taken advantage of that are looking at huge profits.  I wrote an article earlier about WEED and other Cannabis stocks but it is time to add one to our portfolio and for that reason I choose Aurora Cannabis (ARB-CA) out of Canada as of Friday's close was at $12.83  so we will buy 2 shares to be compatible with our current portfolio. Aurora seems to make a big jump every time they announce earnings but after that jump the stock does not slide, it maintains at that price point.  The stock is up 89% for the year and although the price per earnings ratio is -450% sometimes you need to overlook that if you are in a playing field that is wide open. 

Reverse Split ! AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!

Avoid a reverse split at all costs it means the company is in financial trouble let's take HMMY Helios and Matheson who used to trade at $4229 a share now worth .0008 a share.  They own a subsidiary called Movie Pass which allowed you to see all movies for $14.95 in theater, good concept gone bad, they also did other electronic database systems type of things then were caught in a fraud scandal and stock plummeted. On March 15th they waill announce the reverse stock split and maybe how many shares of Movie pass which they are spinning off to see how company survives. It is my opionion if will not.  Only the spin off from Movie Pass will. But as an unpopular product with consumers I doubt it will be profitable. What I want to give you also are tools to see how to buy into new companies (IPO'S) and find stocks that do well so I give you" To Find them and also: to learn of daily corporate earnings reports.  Just to di