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Borrowed Voice? Fake News? Cannot be bought!

This is a picture from the Launch Party of held in October of 2017 I am sitting with some of my closet friends (who I love, who I trust and whose advice I trust; and who I provide advice too.)

I feel the same about my readers you are all my friends, when I set out on this adventure a year and a half ago I had no idea that in such a short period of time I would grow to over 50,000 readers!  I apologize it has taken awhile to write another column but I wanted to see the direction the market was truly taking before making an educated guess.  That appears to be a world economic slowdown that is at the moment being masked by increased corporate profits beating market expectations and earnings reports aat least meeting target; at the current moment on Wall Street.  Then I realized that is not the story.

The fact my readership went over 50,000 is the real story and why? My Blog is independent.  I am not obligated to any corporation or brokerage firm. I do not rely on any advertising that would alter my opinion of the corporations or stocks and bonds recommended, or products that I am going to endorse and it never will.

I did advertise an ad placement on Facebook to boost readership awhile back and had this really interesting thread (or Facebook fight) with who I believe to be a young girl although in reality maybe not.  I asked her a question why she answered she would not visit my blog?  To keep a long story short and a 40-50 thread conversation where she not only accused me of being a Russian Bot but stated she was going to report me to Facebook for harassment.  My only response to her was "Go ahead but who harassed who?  After all your comments are on my actual paid advertisement and you elected to post on that comment I asked to visit my blog; not on something you posted on your Blog, Page or Timeline?"  What I found most delightful about it was that logging into my website and .com here is free, the ad was free, I never require you to provide your email, or any other type of information.  I do not bombard you with emails only Facebook,Google or MeWe posts when I write a new article to check out.

I therefore do not write in a borrowed voice, I respond to my readers when they ask questions if I can answer them. I am able to write for but do not at the current moment see the need of providing information outside my own blog at this time.  My blog is for the novice who knows nothing about Wall Street yet the most seasoned investor will definitely benefit from the choices in my mock stock portfolio (see previous articles).

I am not fake news, I only report on the events I see that effect over all Economic Theory, Politics, and any other over all event that can effect you pocket book like the United States Government Shutdown and the Polar Vortex event, both of which will find the economic impact to the GDP in the 3rd quarter (If you do not understand GDP keep reading the blog or past articles).

I am starting to make a living off of my own contract trades so by definition I am a Day Trader however if any of my trades effect an upcoming article it will always be disclosed at the bottom of the article along with the regular disclosure provided.  I have no need to make money off of my readers, my purpose is that you make money and learn sound financial planning so that you can make choices for your family and your future.  I understand most of my readers are working 2 jobs and trying to make ends meet and can't always buy 100 shares of a stock selling at $100 a share which is why I am searching for a under $2.00 a share stock at the moment to add to the portfolio but that is a future article.  One thing I can promise you is that 2019 looks to be a wild ride for world markets with a lot of instability so stay tuned. Remeber my motto: "Just don't Panic!"

I thank each and everyone of you for making this journey such a complete success!

Donations: Paypal: this is meant for entertainment and educational purposes only investments and purchases are your choice and I always recommend speaking with a licensed financial advisor before making any investment decisions.


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