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Finding Great IPO's ~ Getting the Rocket Stock Going Public

I am going to give you a website that will allow you to research and look up new companies that are coming to market.  You realize reading past articles I am fond of IPO's (Initial Public Offerings) because the upward potential of the company is limitless.  At the same time you are never sure it will not go belly up or bankrupt in two years. Let's take a look at how this process works.  First usually Venture Capitalists provide funds to the new start up in hopes of recovering their investment after the company goes public.  If you watch the HBO show "Silicon Valley" then you are familiar with this process as the fictional company Pied Piper is a bunch of guys working out of their home much like Apple when it first started always looking for the next big investor. The process moves along and the new start up company XYZ is picked up by an investment bank who handles the paperwork and legalities to bring the company to the Stock Exchange.  Here is the real catch 2

Company Stock Dilution

  Dilution is the reduction in the ownership percentage of a company, or shares of stock, due to the issuance of new equity shares by the company, when you hear the term used on Wall Street. We all know what dilution is; you are probably doing it as you read this article by adding cream to your coffee to dilute the strength. Dilution of companies also occurs when holders of options, such as the owners, top executives or holders of classes of convertible shares exercise their option to buy more stock. When the number of shares outstanding increases, each existing stockholder owns a smaller, or diluted, percentage of the company, making each share less valuable. Share dilution may happen any time a company needs additional capital, seeing as new shares are issued on the public markets. The potential upside of share dilution is that the capital the company receives from selling additional shares can improve the company's profitability and the value of its stock. They

Get Ready for THE RED WAVE ~ Tuesday November 6th

Or not.  More like a Red Tide if Republicans actually gain in both houses of Congress and more importantly the Governorship's. So I am trying to gain information to provide for my readers what type of direction the Pundits and Analysts believe the market will take next Wednesday November 7, 2018.  This information to me is important since I am now currently a full time day trader in the market and would benefit from this information. It is interesting I can not find any information about the Republican supposed "Red Wave" in other words, not only isn't there one but Analysts do not consider it a factor; as a matter of fact one article published by CNBC's Fred Imbert & Jacob Pramuk state that 85% of Analysts believe the Democrats will take the house but loose the Senate. This sets up for a bullish looking market going forward; (traditionally) but depending on the number of seats the Democrats pick up it will more than likely lead to a stalemate i