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How to buy ~ WEED

So Canada joins Uruguay as a country that has fully legalized the sale of cannabis. The new companies that have formed in order to deliver this product to the overall Canadian recreational market does have an upside potential for investment after all you're getting into something early! The 3 stocks we will focus on have taken a beating on the exchanges in the last couple of days. That creates a buy opportunity; rather than the run up when they were first initially offered.  Remember as trying to think of it as a sale.  People have a tendency to only want to buy when the price is going up just like a lottery jackpot.  Regardless if the jackpot is $20 million or like the Mega Millions at last count 1.6 billion all of a sudden everyone and their neighbor is getting a lottery ticket.  The odds for the lottery have never changed they had just an equal chance with the one ticket to win 20 million as they do 1.6 billion but they buy because of frenzy.  In the stock market we avoid


The single most important product that drives not only the US markets but the world. The United States has become a major player on the world stage due to the invention of fracking technology but still has no clue how to use this as a asset.  The Trump administration using this as a bargaining chip will face dire consequences. The United States sanctions on Iran will take effect next month on November 4th. Iran the 3rd largest producer of Oil and a member of OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) in order for the Trump administration to attempt to bring their export total down to zero.  These sanctions move us ever closer to a war with Iran.  However Iran will probably sell their Oil to China who stopped buying US Oil in August do to the recent trade / tariff wars.  We also will probably see advanced aggression in the gulf by Iran blocking US Ships through the straight of Hormuz. While US output is looking good and the over all effect of the demand for Oil may

Trading Options ~ Risky for Novice or Not?

Up, up, and away!  Options can take you to whole new level without ever having to own the underlying stock.  They are a risky investment for a new investor because the Option itself has an expiration date if the stock does not make it to the price agreed upon it becomes worthless. We are going to focus on Uncovered Calls & Uncovered Puts.  There are also Covered Calls & Covered Puts which means you own at least 100 shares of the underlying contract so that if you are actually "Called" because market went against you you can just surrender the stock. William I wanna trade options!  I know the risk you already told me to stay out of Cryptocurrency and yes my brother in law took out second mortgage with his bitcoin loss but I need to make money, and make it fast!  Like I have stated throughout my blog, to win at the stock market means to hold for a long period of time and sit tight.  Review our current portfolio with names like BABA, NVDA, and others this chop in

Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael ~ Need to stop and ponder that a moment my Ex's name was Michael and in end left as much destruction as a hurricane. William this is a Financial Blog?  Why the heck are you talking about a hurricane? Think about the effects of this hurricane on the financial markets at a time when the Dow is slipping and the IMF puts out a report that the world debt ratio may be to high and come crashing down, especially in the US, and then think about the stocks this hurricane will effect. Home Depot, Exxon Mobil, BP , United, Southwest, Safeco, Geico, and Kroger what do all these stocks and many more have in common?  All effected by the current hurricane, the oil rigs need to be moved to avoid loss, supply chain of grocery store's loss of fresh produce and maybe even physical stores.  The insurance companies that need to cover these buildings and cars that are 100% complete loss; and Home Depot & Lowes who will benefit from people buying new materials to

Market Psychology

There is a certain Psychology that happens on Wall Street that is the same as the way American Shoppers shop.  I will show a few examples later in the article but first I want to tell you how I spent my day.  I watched Apple Inc (AAPL) stock.  It hit the $230 dollar a share mark which has been a barrier for it for quite some time.  Every time it hit's the $230 dollar mark it drops, it can't seem to break free.  All day long it went up to but not over the barrier (market in still open for another 20 minutes at writing of this article) of the $230 dollar mark.  It was almost like whaching a Gnat on your computer screen come up to it, fly off of it, to fly back, to jump off to fly back. Is the $230 a share mark as high as Apple will go?  Of course not and once it closes over that $230 a share; chances are it is going to spring forward quickly.  Apple was very flat or in Wall Street terms was trading horizontally.  This would be a good indication that as companies