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NeverForget ~ Where I came from

Gold Stock's a Big Winner in the Bear Market By Anna Prior Updated April 12, 2009 12:01 a.m. ET The market was generally horrible, but William Staab's stock pick glittered: Gold miner Randgold Resources rose 32% in the six months through March, making Mr. Staab, a Realtor, the winner of Sunday Journal's 33rd Investment Dartboard Contest. "I think it did well because of the current state of the economy," which saw anxious investors rushing into gold as a potential safe haven, says the Albuquerque Journal reader. Mr. Staab was one of those investors -- he bought some shares in Randgold right before the contest began. "I wanted to put my money where my mouth was," he says. Stocks picked by five other readers fell, in a period when the Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled 30%. Last place went to David Highfield of Westminster, Md., whose pick of

Rocky Road ahead for Wall Street! ~ Fall of 2018 a chunky treat!

When we are currently looking at the fall picture for Wall Street is is really going to be a Rocky Road.  It will be harder for Day Traders and Speculators going into this market than at some points ever before in history.  The other side of that same coin; it will also be a gold mine for those Traders who get it write. As of the writing of this article I am looking at world events taking place with true crisis's in the economies  and currencies in Turkey, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Argentina. All major players in the Oil & Natural Gas industries; this s a concern since oil companies in the last 3-4 years have not been spending much on refinery or production upgrades.  With the expected demand for oil to rise in 2019 globally this may cause an increase in prices do to overall demand.  The conflict between the United States and Iran in the gulf does not help either. The United States is also less than 60 days from a mid term election that will have severe consequences on

NIKE ~ What a Bold Move!

So I have been looking for a retail stock so that we can continue our portfolio diversification and then along comes a company that actually picks me.  One thing I am going to say is when it comes to the market you need to leave all personal emotions aside and regardless of politics look for those companies that provide the best returns. Then along comes a company that does both.  NIKE is strong in its earnings trading at $82.20 a share with a 0.80 a year dividend and it just went x dividend on August 31, 2018 so it seems to have  a huge upward potential. NIKE's chart if you look at the 1 year and the 5 year performance has continued to perform well. I applaud this company for taking a stand with someone who was wronged.  I don't have to agree with what Kapernick is doing (in this case I do) but for a man to stand up for what is right no matter what the personal cost for the sake of making this country a better place for all Americans in my book is what America is all a