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Checkpoint on our Portfolio let's see how we are doing? ~ Did William beat the street?

So how well did we do in our first year? Lets look at our Portfolio starting with Dividend Stocks WRE 9/23/2017 $32.60  /  9/25/2018  $31.26    Gain $1.20 Dividend per share IRET 9/23/2017 $5.81  /  9/25/2018  $5.49    Gain $.28 Dividend per share EES 6/6/2018 $39.20  /  9/25/2018  $40.73    Gain $.18 Dividend per share Again pretty flat but we are buyig for the dividend not the share price. Stocks with dividend & regular: NVDA 9/23/2017 $179.00  /  9/25/2018  $272.22   Gain $0.60 Dividend per share Up 65% BABA 11/12/2017 $186.44  /  9/25/2018  $174.23  Down 9.3% RMD 1/29/2018 $103.50  /  9/25/2018  $108.90   Gain $0.70 Dividend per share Up 9.4% AMZN 4/17/2018 $11,405.32  /  9/25/2018  $1905.39 Up 73.7% ALSN 6/6/2018 $41.89  /  9/25/2018  $49.11 Up 8.5%   TROW 5/19/2018 $120.59  /  9/25/2018  $115.41  Down 9.5% IQ 7/7/2018 $29.62  /  9/25/2018  $28.78  Down 1%  So we invested a total of: $2,065.91  (w dividend share bought  add 77.0

Happy Anniversay William!!!! ~ WilliamsWallStreet Marks 1 Year!

Oh my what a Year!  When I started this little adventure I never realized how little my friends, family, people I spoke too at parties, or randomly on the street knew about Wall Street.  I had no idea the level; or how uncomfortable it made them feel as if they were stupid or ignorant when I approached the subject.  Many quickly changed topics to avoid that I might think less of them. Fear, let's face it, we all have it, we all have subjects like the Stock Market that quite frankly too hold a conversation about would make us all look stupid. Walk up to any 15 year old girl and ask her what she likes to wear and why?  Who is making the latest fabric?  Who is the top designer and who is wearing what? Yes one hour later you will realize you just learned the entire history of how fabric moves through Hong Kong & Amazon too now get into your closet. Talk to any guy, anywhere any time ask how the big game went (don't even say which game) and soon you have the statisti

Turkey ~ The New Trade War with Trump

       So Trumpty Dumpty fires off a tweet on Friday stating he will be raising metal tariffs on Turkey.  Where did this come from?  Why is this in his head Trump does not operate in a vacuum.  Could the recent second private meeting with Putin have anything to do with this? William shut up we are here to learn about the stock market why are you going off on a rant? Sometimes dear reader; I do wish you would let me make my point before you interrupt; but since you have, it is because it effects the way we have been looking into our investment strategies. These are know as "Black Swan" events; this particular one with Turkey, seems to be coming out of left field, and has the markets concerned.  It is the modern age equivalent of having declared war on the country; if not just an economic war. This single tweet caused the value of the Turkish Lira to devalue by 20%  lets put that in perspective using a Coca Cola, normally $1.00 for example wholesale to a store in