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What is the Trumpty Dumpty Poem? Question from Readers Richard & Shannon

Richard & Shannon of Albuquerque, NM I am glad you asked that question.  I can see that the over 1,000 times I have posted this to social media it has seemed to take of and obviously I am able to borrow this graffic from someone who copied my poem.  I have seen variations of it but I can assure you mine is the original it dates dack to around March of 2017. I did however not coin the phrase Trumpty Dumpty this was done by another Albuquerque resident that called into my friend Radio Talk Show host Norman Goldman (we met through our mutual friend Ed Schultz who just recently passed R.I.P.) you can listen to his show on AM 1350 in Albuquerque from 4-7pm Mountain (for the rest of the country check his website).  I wish I remembered the ladies name.  I first posted the peom on my Facebook page the day after the lady stated it on the show so if anyone claims copyright I can prove them wrong I wrote this enjoy" "Trumpty Dumpty wants to Build a Great Wall" "T

Get Smart with MONEY!!!!!!! Before 2018 Passes you buy!

GET SMART WITH MONEY! Stop paying interest be it car loan, home loan, credit card, student loan, payday loan or any other form of payment! People who are smart earn interest.  People who are stupid pay interest. Are all forms of paying interest bad? NO! Owning a home paying interest over 30 years not a bad thing, because you are buying something of value that will increase in most cases (proven history) over time. A student loan maybe 20,000 upfront but over the course of 40 years pays off by earning an income of $10-25K you would not have earned without the degree. Bad interest:  car loans, credit cards, furniture stores, payday loans, jewelry stores while you are getting a product you need you are paying more money for an item over time that is losing value rahter than gaining value .  Example financed a couch for $1000 with 36 payments of $100 each over 36 months and after 3 years you paid $3,600 for the original $1000 couch now after 3 years it was a $1000 couch an

How to open a Brokerage Account?

Let's get started how do you open a Brokerage account?  First you need to pick a company.  I will make a few recommendations but I do not in anyway endorse which company you choose to use and do not receive any type of payment or have any type of contract with these companies other than I will recommend the company I also choose to open my account with.  These companies would be for online discount Brokers: Ally Bank Charles Schwab Scott Trade Fidelity ETrade (Also Capitol One's online investing accounts are moving here if you bank with Capital One you may consider them) Full Service Brokers: Fidelity Edward Jones We will be focusing on discount self managed online Brokers in this article.  The purpose of this blog is to teach you Wall Street and sound financial investment and decision making that from my perspective; you do not need someone to watch over your investment portfolio but they are of course available as an option.  Just like in my disc

How do I choose a Fund in My Employers 401K?

How do I pick a Mutual Fund from all of my Employer's 401K Funds? ~ Anonymous, Scottsdale, AZ. Your employer usually hires an outside firm to handle it's 401 K funds; there is a predetermined selection either based upon what the company can offer, or if your employer has an administrator that has picked the individual funds for you.  There will always be an option to buy into a fund that is closet to your retirement age such as Retirement Fund 2020, Retirement Fund 2045, Retirement Fund 2060 etc.  You choose the one closest to your retirement age.  Usually if you contribute and make no selection it will default either into a money market or one of these plans.  So what's all this Large Cap, Mid Cap, Fixed Income and all these numbers it makes no sense? Anony, slow down we will get there I promise.  I may not hit every term and every class your company may offer but I will try to give you a general idea of how they classify them. Fixed Income Short Term Fixed

How high is your IQ? - IQIYI

So everybody loves NetFlix right?  The US stock showing record gains?  Well then lets take a look at China's counter part IQIYI (IQ)   From it's initial IPO it is currently up 189% from it's first day of trading March 29, 2018.  It is actually experiencing a bit of a sell off which can be expected from people who are taking profits quickly and due to the overall Chinese market falling into a Bear market (which that Bear may be headed to the US soon).  Main factors are Trump's trade wars and the events yet to play themselves out over the next few months. Now this stock if you choose to buy today is currently trading at $26.62 based on current futures and that this is a Saturday -.30 down from it's Friday close.  The support for this stock seems to be in the $27-30 dollar range and may actually sit there in that range for the next couple of months.  The reason I would call this a buy now is that I would want to get in on it before it begins to soar again lik