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Happy Birthday to my Sister Alison! ~ Alison Transmission Holdings

We are a little blurry but that's on purpose my sister doesn't like her picture taken and as you can see I am the "Ham" in our family.  Alison and I were both adopted at a very young age and raised by wonderful parents.  So in honor of her Birthday, June 12th I want to say that another stock we are going to add to our portfolio is Alison Transmission Holdings (ALSN) currently trading as of today's close at $41.46 a share I thought I had already mentioned why I liked this stock but cannot seem to find where I brought up the information so it goes without saying I am going to add it to our portfolio again. Alison pays a nice dividend of $0.60 a share a year and the company has been around for quite a longtime.  They design and manufacture commercial and defense fully-automatic transmissions also fully-automatic transmissions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, and medium-and heavy-tactical United States defense vehicles.   If Donald Trump gets his

Exchange Traded Funds ~ Getting Your Feet Wet

Exchange Traded Funds since their invention back in 1993 have become the most popular items sold in the stock market while similar to a Mutual Fund; ETF's as they are known for short are extremely popular since they can be traded on any given day and generally have very low transaction fees associated with them unlike Mutual Funds.  They usually follow some type of Index like the Dow Jones Industrial Index, The Russell 5000 Index, Mid Cap US Index etc.   As of 2013 they are the most actively traded product as a whole.  Currently there are over 1.800 different types of products investing in everything from Gold, Real Estate (not to be confused with Real Estate Investment Trusts which is explained in an earlier article) household products and aviation.  We are going to focus on one.  We will actually place this in the dividend area of our portfolio but unlike our other investment choices the purchase is for the dividend and not the overall share price; we are looking to purch

How Did You Get So Rich? ~

Has your investment Balloon taken off and headed toward the Sky! Let's take a look where we are: Portfolio: NVDA = Purchase 9/23/2017 @ $179.00 a share  / Current = $264.85 BABA = Purchase 11/12/2017 @ $186.41 / Current = $208.95 RMD = Purchase 1/29/2018 @ $103.05 / Current = $105.13 TROW = Purchase 5/19/2018 @ $120.59 / Current = $123.19 (While BABA & TROW pay dividends we did not buy them for the dividend and why we are not including them as a Dividend Stock) Dividend Stocks: WRE = Purchase 9/23/2017 @ $32.60   DIV $1.20 / Current = $28.82   Dividend +$0.60 IRET = Purchase 9/23/2017 @ $5.81     DIV $0.28 / Current = $5.59   Dividend +$0.14 While share price is down we bought for the dividend it is actually time to buy more. Since they pay dividends every 3 months you would have received 2 payments to date. If you purchased (-) Shares of each your profit would be: 1 Share = $109.07 10 Shares = $1,090.70 100 Shares = $10,907.00 1000 Shares = $109,