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The 5th Branch of Government - The Federal Reserve

  We all know of the three branches of government the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Estates; then there is what is commonly know as the fourth estate the Press.  So I am calling the Federal Reserve system the fifth estate. The Federal Reserve is a branch of the government that was established in 1913 to ward of financial crisis like we experienced in the 1880's, 1929 and 2008.  While I am not going to go into every detailed part of the Federal Reserve in this article if you want that you can go to Wikipedia and all the information will be provided.  What I am trying to achieve by writing this is that you see how the Federal Reserve effects your life on a daily or semi daily basis with out you even knowing it. Here are some basics, the Federal Reserve sets monetary policy by controlling interest rates, maximizing employment and ensuring for the stability of prices.  We are going to be focusing on monetary policy for the most part in this article.  This is a

A Look into Portfolio Diversification

I talk a lot about buying individual stocks over mutual funds because I am trying to teach you the basics of Wall Street.  Ironic that my next stock I would put my own money into would be T. Rowe Price (TROW) that actually is a fantastic mutual fund company that offers a variety of already pre-diversified funds.  I am however looking at the actual returns from the company though and the upward spiral they have had in the last 5 years.  I want you to go to, or any other place you choose to look up a stock and in the search type TROW (where you search for individual stock picks) on the site (s) it will show a stock chart you can choose 1 day, 5days, 1 year or 5 years etc.  In this case pull up the chart for 5 years this chart much like an example above is quite impressive.  While I will not get into the specifics at the moment of reading the graphs and strategies to interpret graphs and risk potential of a graph chart; I want you to get comfortable with searching around an

UP! UP! and AWAY! Goes Nividia

So let's see where were we at?  We decided to buy Nividia  (NVDA) back at the end of August 2017 for $179 and some change?  Remember, you don't?  I suggest you start scrolling through old posts.  Nividia  (NVDA) closed today at $255.78  and if you have been reading along and following the stock you would see it has recently dropped to $224 and has now rebounded to $255.78 you were worried about this investment during that down time but I said hold; stay the course Nividia will pull through and she will continue to do so.  This was a time to buy if you just started reading my blog if you hadn't gotten in at the $179 a share price. Stop gloating William exactly how do you always do this? You want my secret?  Sometimes you have to go with a hunch, you research all you can about the company, get into something you know about; then listen to everything the analysts say and you either agree, or say hogwash, either way you decided.  In this case as I originally stated in pre