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Trump vs. Amazon who will win?

Image result for amazon logoWell Trump wants to pick on Amazon?

My next stock pick is (AMZN) for the very fact it was selling at its 52 week high on March 13, 2018 before Trump made his famous comments about them.  So lets take a look:

52 week high = 3/13/2018 = 1,617.54
52 week low = 4/13/2017 = 884.49
Percentage increase since same time last year = 37%
Current Price = 4/6/2018 = $1405.32 (at time article is written 1404.00 based on futures and after hours trading)

So the President has the power by his very words to cause the stock market as a whole to go south and companies like Amazon to tumble.  This can be very good news for you as an investor.  Don't let the worries of a trade war with China keep you out of the market it is the exact time you can make a killing really fast especially if you start options trading.  However that is not the purpose of my blog so I will not discuss risky ways to make money rather than ways to make gains short term and long term with an overall investment strategy.

Amazon is healthy, has good cash reserves, and when was the last time you haven't heard someone in the office say, I got that on Amazon?  While the stock may be volatile for awhile do to the possible trade war with China it will continue to rise in both stock price and as a part of our everyday lives for years to come.  Amazon is today's equivalent to what the Sears's and Roebuck's catalog was in the 19th century.

This brings up another point, companies that currently do business with China or have a presence in China may not do so well in the near term.  However actual Chinese stocks like Alibaba (BABA) although suffering a setback from the recent volatility with the overall market will win out during this trade war period.  Amazon may suffer supply chain and price increase worries but overall should still perform.  I would worry more about companies like YUM Brands (YUM) that China may decide to no longer allow in the country.  KFC is a very popular restaurant as it is seen as American as you can get and very popular with the Chinese people so I doubt they will close the doors.  This trade war is going to be fought in the raw goods and select pricing of goods and services.

We all know that the country will move on to the newest and latest thing Trump tweets next and will soon forget his words about Amazon; it will soon recover the $200 point lose and go back to it's 1,600.00 price range.  Also I am not alone in my thinking.  All 40 of the top leading analysts currently have a buy or strong buy recommendation on the stock.  Make me #41.  The final thing that I think makes Amazon (AMZN) the must have in your portfolio in the short term is that they will announce their earnings on 4/25/2018 I bet we will see 1700-1800 by that time. 

 Remember the stock market can put you on an emotional roller coaster when it comes to your money.  The most important thing to remember is to follow the sound principals of economics that don't not change fundamentally.  Avoid making emotional decisions based upon the latest news article that has you frightened and scared.  We all know the 11pm news always has the saying.  "The air you breath, and why air may not be good for your health, what you need to know to stay alive only only on our news station tonight at 11, don't watch and die" kind of story, well the business channels are no different.

William you did not answer the question in your title who will win Trump or Amazon?


Donations: Paypal: this is meant for entertainment and educational purposes only investments and purchases are your choice and I always recommend speaking with a licensed financial advisor before making any investment decisions. 


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