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Hacked ~ Tales of a little boy

How threatening is my blog to the big boys on Wall Street?  Apparently big, to have already been hacked.  I started this blog last August 2017 and will continue as long as I am able to provide knowledge about how the market works.  How you should invest what is available to you the "Joe Average Man" until these rich Oligarchs take it away from you.  Notice how media says "Oligarch" when speaking of Russians but not anyone else like American Billionaires?

How interesting they made fun of me giving you a 14% return on your investments, last time I checked brokers on Wall Street made millions bringing in a 8% return so what's the problem?

I am not sure what got me interested in stocks in the first place but when I did my father also named William Staab encouraged me to see what I wanted to invest in and why.  I had $400 I had saved from Christmas clubs, relatives at Birthday & Christmas gifts and was going to make a go.  My dad said "You need to watch his Billy, see where it goes" so I looked down the A's looked down the B's and came across Becker Industries.  21 3/4 a share I am not sure why I picked it except it goes into the same gift I still have today to judge an algorithm and make a good pick.  So my dad had me watch it and Becker Industries fell to $6 a share he said:"So they are no good, going bankrupt!" I looked at Beecham (they made Aquafresh toothpaste) hmmmm $30 nope to expensive back to Becker Industries, now at 2 7/8 a share it was exciting waiting for the Milwaukee Journal everyday to come in the box, my Dad probably liked the fact I ran out to get newspaper.  Time to get in 2 7/8 BECKER INDUSTRIES make me a fortune!  My dad bought it to teach me a lesson.  100 shares at $283 I was now Joseph Kennedy, Rockefeller I was somebody I owned stock, real shares part of a corporation and then Becker industries climbed to 6 1/2 a share my Dad was like wow, this was same time Hunt brothers were trying to corner the silver market; I saw that also, said Dad we need in, so we decided to buy some coins and silver bars from his friend Harvey Whaley.  Becker Industries was now at 12 7/8 I was like wow I don't get any more really great information from them and when they fell back to $11 I said dad it's time to sell.  My dad said: "No!", I said Dad I wanna sell so he paid me out (brokerage was really in his name) and he kept it, Becker Industries failed within a year he lost the whole investment but I didn't; I wanted to now sell my silver bars at $48 a ounce (we bought from Harv at $25) my Dad said "Now wait double your money!!!!!!!!!!!!"  I sold to him at $48 a share  the very next day the Hunt brothers were discovered cornering the market and silver plummeted.  

So going forward be my Dad (he was a really smart man); or listen to me?  Now that I am a threat enough to be hacked apparently I am a going to be hacked more often.  I am flattered come along join this ride that will rock America and the world cause Economics is math it doesn't change and I am giving you a gift that  I expect nothing in return, enjoy, learn, grow and get rich.  Well 22,000 readers lets show them what we are made of, Economics and numbers don't lie, come along with me for the ride use my gift to put your children and your grandchildren through college!


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