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Hacked ~ Tales of a little boy

How threatening is my blog to the big boys on Wall Street?  Apparently big, to have already been hacked.  I started this blog last August 2017 and will continue as long as I am able to provide knowledge about how the market works.  How you should invest what is available to you the "Joe Average Man" until these rich Oligarchs take it away from you.  Notice how media says "Oligarch" when speaking of Russians but not anyone else like American Billionaires? How interesting they made fun of me giving you a 14% return on your investments, last time I checked brokers on Wall Street made millions bringing in a 8% return so what's the problem? I am not sure what got me interested in stocks in the first place but when I did my father also named William Staab encouraged me to see what I wanted to invest in and why.  I had $400 I had saved from Christmas clubs, relatives at Birthday & Christmas gifts and was going to make a go.  My dad said "You need to watch

How to get Rich ~ Your Best Investment Strategy No One Told You About

  So you read the Wall Street Journal, subscribe to Motley Fool, watch Bloomberg and CNBC but are still sitting back saying Gee, why am I not the next Warren Buffet?  Simple, if you want to be Warren Buffet you have to think like Warren Buffet.  Since you actually can't be Warren Buffet and ever truly think like him 100% of the time your going to have to change your thinking when it comes to investing and then jump in. Now if your bored already and say blah, blah, blah here is another article that is going to be all talk no action and really won't tell me what I need to know.  Well then for you I will give you another stock pick below. Get to the point what is this investment strategy? (I love my readers they are demanding). Usually articles will go on and on and never tell you what you need to know so that by the time you finish you forget why you were reading.  Well not this one, as I said I have no agenda, not out to make a profit off this blog, it is in

Trump vs. Amazon who will win?

Well Trump wants to pick on Amazon? My next stock pick is (AMZN) for the very fact it was selling at its 52 week high on March 13, 2018 before Trump made his famous comments about them.  So lets take a look: 52 week high = 3/13/2018 = 1,617.54 52 week low = 4/13/2017 = 884.49 Percentage increase since same time last year = 37% Current Price = 4/6/2018 = $1405.32 (at time article is written 1404.00 based on futures and after hours trading) So the President has the power by his very words to cause the stock market as a whole to go south and companies like Amazon to tumble.  This can be very good news for you as an investor.  Don't let the worries of a trade war with China keep you out of the market it is the exact time you can make a killing really fast especially if you start options trading.  However that is not the purpose of my blog so I will not discuss risky ways to make money rather than ways to make gains short term and long term with an overall

Homeless Crisis ~ Burden or Opportunity?

What can we do about the Homeless? So I was on the Albuquerque, New Mexico city bus the other day when a couple who looked rather homeless themselves got on.  Soon the gentlemen began having a conversation with the bus driver about one of his friends in crisis, that is using drugs.  This being a Saturday was a huge inconvenience for him since the buses do not run that often on Saturdays.  During the course of that conversation we learned the couple was on food stamps and public assistance but he had recovered from drugs 18 years previously.  The reason I am mentioning this is it will come back later in the article. The conversation changed to how they had recently left California because Los Angeles was filled with to many homeless.  The Conservative bus driver agreed after they talked how many taxes you have to pay and cost of living and every other Republican talking point about how horrible the liberals are running that state; my skin began to crawl with ever fibe