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New Stock Pick

So you have been crying for a new stock pick not like NVDA has risen from $179 to $240 so I give you (RMD) Res Med last check since market still open is $103.05.  RES MED makes products for the healthcare industry.  I think and I am going to force you on your own; to look at these individual products that Res Med offers.  The reason is that to become a strategic investor and understand Wall Street you need to look stuff up on your own.  While I give you picks and great performers, the point of this blog is to teach you how the economy and stock market works to invest safely and to make good choices.  So here is your opportunity to look up RMD and see what they do and why I am as excited about this company as you should be. Leave the products you are excited about in comments and why you know that RMD will skyrocket as a stock! Donations: Paypal: this is meant for entertainment and educational purposes only investments and purchases are your choice a

Why Stock Dow Jones hit 25,000

Intrinsic Value Let me rephrase that in something you will understand what the heck is this company worth?  Ok my favorite stock I will use as an example it's Washington Real Estate Investment Trust.  Why I love this company so much?  The dividend is consistent. Anyways, what is Intrinsic Value why do I care? Under Trumps new tax plan "Supposedly"  I mean that "Supposedly" corporations are supposed to bring back all the off shore cash and invest in "United States" to create jobs. Yes the money is probably going to come back the one thing he did well, but not for jobs, corporations will us that cash to auto-mate and replace your jobs with robots, the companies now have cash incentive to do it. So as you think you are making so much extra cash with Uber you don't really care.  Understand wear and tear on your car and the extra miles you are putting on, as well as strangers in your car and accidents while they are in them. They are profiting