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"It's a Wonderful Life" - Welcome to Pottersville

The heavenly gods are looking down from above.  "Send for Clarence"  after a few moments this radiant Angel comes into the room the body of an Olympian his hair as blonde and curly of a Greek god it shimmers with it's own radiance, he gives himself one last look in the mirror he is holding.
"Yes Joseph"
"I have a project for you"
"Are you kidding me Joseph, I don't do that any more I am one of the grandest Angels in all of Heaven, you expect me to work a case for you?"
"This is George Bailey, he is a special case, take a close look, get to know him we are going to have to correct this"

George Bailey woke up underneath his cardboard box.  He could smell the rotten trash from the dumpster mixed with the freshly baked cinnamon buns coming from the local diner.  He would breath deeply to enjoy this one brief joy but the smell of rancid piss overpowered it.  He got up, wandering around wondering how it all got this way, how had his life turned out so rotten, so morbid where did he go wrong?

Just then a tan limousine pulls up the window rolls down a familiar voice comes from deep inside the vehicle.  "Hey Georgie Porgie, hows tricks?"   He recognizes that voice it's Violet Bicks.  "Georgie why don't you come inside I will take you to my place for a hot bath?"  George knows exactly what Violet wants, he refuses to violate his beliefs, his morals his integrity.  "No Violet, you just get out of here, go on I don't want any of your, your...and yeah, go on now.."  Violet closes the door and instructs her driver to drive away.  All George can think about is how he convinced her to run for city council.  Violet was a young strong vibrant woman who could beat his father the progressive old stupid Democrat who kept giving entitlement programs to the poor.  Looser! Violet was for cutting the free school lunch programs, her father ran the local distributorship that lost money providing them to the schools.  He remembers the night they walked all the way to Mt. Taylor and he convinced her to run.

He turns to go further up the street he see's Mary bending over a car, that had a bunch of kids from the college.  He sees her stash sum cash and jump in the back.  "Mary, Mary, Mary..."  He yells she gives him a dirty look and slams the door.  George always liked Mary but she changed after George introduced her to Judge Moore when she was 14 he knew if Mary rubbed the Judge the right way he could ensure his own political future.

George turns the corner, he looks at the closed Wayneright plastics factory.  He goes up to the front door and says  "Hee Haw"  as he takes a pee.  Wayneright plastics went under after George convinced Sam Wayneright to donate to Mr. Potters Campaign for Mayor.  George took a job after his father died and closed the stupid Building and Loan.  He wanted a job that gave him a couple trips to Europe every year.  He kept walking this putrid smell of a sewer burned through his nostrils the sulfur coming out of the pond from Mr Potters tannery factory destroyed the pond where somewhere below his brother Harry was buried, George watched him drown when he was seven years old.  George thought how pathetic he looked the stupid look on Harry's face when he couldn't pull himself up on the ice.  Weakness pure weakness, Harry didn't know what it took to be a man, use a gun, hunt in the woods.

He looks up at the billboard for Senator Bailey the slogan reads "Bill Bailey won't you come home"  His Uncle Billy is now going to run for Governor he showed George how to embezzle money from Potter the way he did at the building and loan.  Billy now was laundering money for the Russians in Washington, spending many a night in the Lincoln bedroom.  George got caught Potter threw him in jail that he privately owned; this was ruff for George.

In front of him was Clarence, George stared at him.  Clarence said George, I am here to help"  George said no, he didn't want any kind of help from his kind.  Clarence said "What Kind?"  George replied "You fancy boys, with all your immoral stuff"  Clarence laughed what makes you think I'm any kind?  George said "You don't look like a real man. I am a Conservative Christian"  Clarence replied "What does a real man look like?"  George thought about that.  He walked away from Clarence he went back to follow the smells of the cinnamon buns from the cafe he looked in the window he saw his old friends Ernie the cab driver and Burt the cop holding hands and kissing,  He looked in disgust.  I am so glad Mr. Potter is going to fix all this, build a wall around them and finally re-open the coal mine.  Soon all this madness will end. He shouted "If only I had my gun I would blow you all away! I wish i was never born!"  Clarence behind him said, "Ok you were never born."

George fell hit his head, he gets up Mary walks by pushing a baby carriage she runs into Ruth Bailey, Harry's wife who is having lunch with his mother Ma Bailey at the cafe.  "Mary is that your baby?"  Mary smiles "Ruth so good to see you the latest edition to the Wayneright family.  Ruth bends in and kisses the little baby in the carriage.  "Did you see Violet Bicks latest movie? We are going right after lunch?"
"No I haven't, but Burt and Ernie are getting married on Saturday I am helping them plan it."  Ma Bailey chimes in "Oh have the reception at my Hotel!  I have that large hall after I turned the boarding house into a hotel after I made that deal with Priceline!"

"Mom, Mom,"  George walks through her, "Mary?"
"They can't see you George you were never born"  Clarence says.  George looks at him starts running very fast the Billboard with his Uncle Billy now says Welcome to Bedford Park  the newest subdivision in Bedford Falls come see Uncle Billy at the Building and Loan; He's your Uncle too!

He runs past the Plastics factory, churning out smoke, the pond has people flying kites out in paddle boats.  Then he runs into his brother Harry cutting a ribbon in front of a new hospital.  Completely free to the citizens of Bedford Falls.  Harry became a soldier was a big war hero, after his wifes father Ruth beat Mr. Potter for Mayor he raised funds to get free healthcare for all.  George ran back to Clarence "I now realize I was cruel, I voted against my own interests for years.  I thought it was more important to get money any way I can, I had no ethics, I hurt people; the people I love, oh bring me back Clarence!"

"No"  A man walking up in a silken red suit stands behind Clarence.  "This is Clark he is going to take you to your new home."  "You see George, you have been given a special gift, a gift to see what the world would be like with out, it's better without you, the world is happy without you, now go."


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