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Republicans are good at Economics

Ok, you can look forward to a future article on "Supply Side" economics or "Trickle Down" economics coming in the near future but until then enjoy this picture of me on the top of a mountain in a National Park at the crest of the Sandia Mountains in Cibola National Forest. Everyone is under the false notion the Republicans are better at economics than "Liberals"" or Democrats the false belief that Democrats spend everything on social programs and Republicans conserve cut back and cut the fat out of government. 100% False! States  that have followed Supply Side economics are hurting, Kansas, Alabama and Kentucky.  States that are "Liberal" have increased minimum wage to $15 an hour in some places, legalized Marijuana are thriving like California, Washington, Minnesota and Colorado. Why? You have to ask why?  Well then here is your answer, with the up coming vote on Net Neutrality which will be determined by FCC, not Congress as I pr

Net Neutrality - A Call to Arms

Hello Readers, I am pleased to announce there are 500 of you now in this short time.  I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season.  I am grateful for all of you and making this venture such a success. Now it is time not to stay silent, you must bring up the conversation of Net Neutrality with everyone at your table.  If Millenials are not aware have them put down their cell phones for half an hour.  You see up until this point the internet was free to all.  If you chose to watch a movie on Netflix or a video on Youtube you were treated the same over the ISP's ( International Service Providers) such as AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner and others. William I don't care this doesn't affect me? Oh you   are wrong it does!  So your cell phone is through AT&T but now that AT&T is buying Time Warner if you want to watch a movie on TCM you are fine,  That same movie on Netflix takes 6 hours to load, buffers and is so slow you don't want

BABA - Alibaba - Record Singles Day

BABA - Alibaba is my next choice if I had any money right now I would buy this stock.  I admit I have owned it in the past since its initial IPO @ $68.00 a share.  However I sold due to financial reasons in March of 2017. Singles Day in China is the same as our Black Friday, it is named after the date 11/11 all those ones look like a lot of lonely single people so they created a day to shop online and every single person buy a gift for themselves.  Last year Singles Day sold 18 billion in goods, that is more than Black Friday and Cyber Monday in United States combined!  This year Singles Day at last count had brought in $25 billion.  That is not chump change for Alibaba as it is the Amazon of China and the largest on-line retailer  partially owned by the richest man in the world Jack Ma.  I have always been interested in Alibaba (BABA) since it's public offering I got in on the first day at $93 up from the $68 asking price it went as high as $121 then fell all the way back to $

How are Markets Measured?

If you turn on any financial news channel or program you will hear the commentators speak about the Russell 5000, The S&P 500, Nasdaq, FTSE (Footsie) Dow Jones, NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) etc,  What are these?  Why are they important?  First lets take a look at actual "Stock" exchanges. There are certain areas where people went to exchange "Stock"  as in livestock, chattle and other goods and services.  One of these in New York City was located on Wall Street.  As it grew, it became one of the global financial centers of the world along with London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Toronto, Chicago, Tokyo, and Amsterdam.  Each city had their own exchange, some like in Chicago specialized in certain things like commodities, pork bellies, Orange juice futures, and others like in Nebraska were for grain, wheat and barley.  Each of these centers as they grew got a name or nick name.  New York of course Wall Street, London Footsie (or FTSE) later as other exchanges were create