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Time to Gloat - NVDA

So where are we on September 23, 2017 I said of I were going to purchase a stock I would buy NVDA Nvidia.  At that time I listened the price for the close of the day which was $179.00 a share.  On October 27, 2017 NVDA closed at $201.86!   Yes, let me say that again, $201.86 so for every share you purchased you made a profit of $22.86 a share.  So again using what I taught you in a previous article you now understand the value of purchasing more shares. Example 1 Share = $22.86 - $6.95 commission (buy) - $6.95 commission (sell) = $8.96 profit 10 Shares = $228.60 - $6.95 commission (buy) - $6.95 commission (sell) = $214.70 profit 100 Shares = $2286.00 - $6.95 commission (buy) - $6.95 commission (sell) = $2,272.10 profit 1,000 Shares = $22,860.00 - $6.95 commission (buy) - $6.95 commission (sell) = $22,846.10 profit How this would also be figured and reported on buy company and news organizations is that in just over 1 month the stock rose by 12.7% a very nice return on a short

401K or IRA?

Making a decision to join your companies 401K is a no brainer; especially if they match your contributions.  We are going to make an example of Joe in this case.  Joe works for a major telecommunications company and started at the company in 1990 making $50,000 a year as a line technician he was 20 years old at the time.  Joe being young and stupid like you and I decided retirement was a long way away so he chose to go out buy a nice new sports car, and lived in a nicer apartment around town so all the girls would think he had it going on.  Joe making $50,000 a year at 20 in 1990 actually had it going on!  Then there is Mary, she worked at same company making $30,000 a year as a telephine operator at same company she joined in 1990 when she turned 20 but lived with 2 roommates to save on rent.  Mary dreamed of owning a home and retiring early.  Mary felt it important to contribute to 401K because the company matched dollar for dollar everything she contributed up to first 5% of her inc