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How many shares should I buy?

How many shares should you buy ( great question Lee) ? The minimum you can purchase is one share.  You can buy fractional shares with your dividends in certain types of brokerage accounts. Our purposes we are always talking 1 share.  Stock is traditionally traded (bought and sold) in 100 share blocks.  Any thing less, say 53, 94, or 5 is considered an "Odd Lot", and an Odd Lot" trade. Here's how it works: You buy 1 share of Stock at $5.00 + $1.00 commission = $6.00 cost but $5.00 value You buy 10 shares of Stock at $50.00 + $1.00 commission = $51.00 cost but $50.00 value You buy 100 shares of Stock at $500.00 + $1.00 commission = $501.00 cost but $500.00 value Your stock goes up by $2.00 in one year. You buy 1 share of Stock at $5.00 + $1.00 commission = $6.00 cost but $5.00 value   You have 1 share now worth $7 = $7.00    You buy 10 shares of Stock at $50.00 + $1.00 commission = $51.00 cost but $50.00 value   You have 10 shares now worth $7= $70.

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

Trying to get a handle on the World Economy is like trying to understand the human mind impossible.  No one person can ever understand the true nature of the scale of the macro economy, due to outside forces of supply and demand which also includes the black market, discovery and invention, and natural events.  We are all very familiar with the collapse of civilizations such as Chaco Canyon. Civilizations fall apart due to war, famine, lack of water, hurricanes, earthquakes and civil unrest.  While many feel that is happening to the Untied States today as of this post even with the looming crisis with North Korea I do not see this happening. The economy today for the United States is very stable thanks to the 6 year expansion under a Democratic administration, which although a slow recovery from the worst economic depression since the great depression, and no I will not call it the great recession; I call it the great depression because of economic factors due to stagnate wages,

Nvidia - NVDA

Flashy, I said both as in my previous post.  You want the wild card the stock going to make you rich fast!  We all do calm down.  However you also have to factor in that just like the casino, the risk is high also, you can lose your shirt, and lose it fast!  Did I mention you can lose your pants also?  When investing in flash and the pan stocks this should come from money you want to throw away not retire on.  Depending on your age if you are younger you have more time to recover from this lose, if you are 65-70 stay away from these unless you only intend to stay in for a year or two.  This brings me to Nvidia a good solid company that has tremendous success in the market over the last few years.  I was turned on to this stock by an investment advisor at Motley Fool (I will give credit where credit is due, again I am not trying to hide anything).  it has continued to go up year after year by 100-250% yes that's right!  Will going forward I expect Nvidia to suffer a downward trend,

WRE - Washington Real Estate Investment Trust

Deciding on my first pick, was I going to go flashy or conservative with my pick so I will do both.  The stock I have loved forever and has over the history of Wall Street paid the most consecutive dividend every quarter.  So I pick Washington Real Estate Investment Trust: WRE - Washington Real Estate Investment Trust September 22, 2017 close=  $32.60 Year Range = $27.65-$33.96 Dividend= $1.20 WRE mainly invests in commercial properties around the Alexandria, Virginia and Washington D.C. metropolitan areas.  With government agencies alone they maintain a high occupancy in their buildings.  The company is also loved by hedge funds and institutional investors being 86% institutionally owned.  Love when the big boys agree with me!  The real reason to own WRE is for the dividend, especially if you can put this into a share builder or drip type brokerage account that will purchase additional shares for you with the dividend.  Buy WRE at any price, you are not buying it for the share

Sell my Share!

So in the previous article 5 people have a company each has a share of stock in the company but Maral decides she wants to sell.  If this were a publicly traded company she would sell her share on a stock market to someone who wants to buy that share.  Typical places you would find the stock available to sell would be on an exchange or stock exchange; examples would be the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, Chicago Board of Options Exchange and foreign markets like the British F.T.S.E. (Footsie). Maral takes her $200,000 share and sells to highest bidder, the new buyer decides he will pay $210,000 to Maral to purchase.  The exchage completes the sale through brokers, commissions are paid.  Now each of the previous shareholders, now have a share that is worth $210,000. How can this be?  The company is only worth $1,000,000.00 but you are now stating it is worth $1,040,000.00 this doesn't make sense?  While the stock now shows a slight inflation, the company is worth $1,040,000 bec

What is a Stock?

Ok so I realize you all want me to give you that one big stock tip that is going to make you rich, fast and have you living on easy street, I would have said on Carribean Island, but St. Croix not looking pretty at the moment. (Hurricane Maria).  Anyways lets get to it: What is a Stock? A stock is the the percentage of ownership you have in a company, if you own part of a company then you have taken stock in it.  Cattle are stock, Sheep are stock and Chickens are stock if you have a farm then you take stock in the fact that these commodities will bare you fruit. So we are going to start a scenario with 5 people, because I love my friends I will use their names. Maral Terin Marilyn Ana Lisa Cyndi Those didn't make it well respond more often on my Facebook Page, anyways: These 5 people are forming a company to make widgets (classic term for item in business school). They each invest $200.00 for 1 share of stock in the new company, each "Shareholder" owns

Who is this Guy? - Why should I listen to him?

My name is William Staab, I am the the 21st and last winner of the Wall Street Journal Dartboard Contest.  I know what you are thinking.  So What? This guy thinks he knows more than someone at Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve or even the White House economic advisors and economists?  Yes, yes, I do!  Well now that my ego has been stated for all to see, reality is probably not; why because that is the problem with every economist, every advisor, every investment firm, every pundit, CEO or CFO that actually speaks in a magazine or on major business networks and television shows is.  As we move closer to a world economy as a whole, no one can actually grasp the scale and depth of the economy from a macro perspective.  Most times even in a micro perspective they still (and I) will get it wrong. Winning the Wall Street Journal Dartboard is still no big deal you say?  Let me provide you with a little history, these are not 100% complete facts but to the best of my knowledge and under

Welcome - Launch Message - Purpose

Welcome to William's Wall Street.  This blog is for entertainment purposes only.  I will be helping you learn about the stock market, the economy, international banking and banking systems, provide education on how things in the economy work.  While I do and will give you stock tips and why to buy or sell, understand if you purchase the stock, commodity or Real Estate investment, you do so at your own risk.  I am not a licensed Investment broker, nor an I any longer a licensed Realtor.  I will also keep you informed on world economy fluctuations, what might impact your current investments.  The main reason for this blog is to provide you with knowledge to help you ensure a secure financial future for you and your family.  If I hold a position in a stock or commodity I will inform you I do so, if I am about to take my own advise on a purchase I will do so.  I will answer readers questions if I decide to post the question for everyone to read. © 2017  Williamswa